arbor institution for troubled vegetation

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Author Mericet
Tags author:mericet mericet unrated void
Created 2012-07-07
Last Modified 2012-07-07
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Map Data

Description Be careful not to agarvate these Rocket Launchers before you are ready to deal with them.

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looks like an octopus

hey dude!

Awesome to see you again.


even in fbf, i didnt expect the ending to work like it did
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Nice map

this one was fun. It was good to have to think a little about the routes, and the rockets worked quite well. 4

different route;

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very fun map, btw.

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your prophecy came true! heh, i probably shoulda gotten sub-700 had my ending been cleaner, but i really should be getting to bed.

meta, are you back for an extended stay (me hopes) or are ya just visiting?
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Semi-decent AGD. Run could be much cleaner but I'm rusty and it's too late to improve right now.

Sub-800 should be possible, and the young horse of the upper frigid region will probably achieve it.
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