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Author 1211
Tags action author:1211 simplicity unrated v
Created 2012-07-07
Last Modified 2012-07-07
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Description The start is from a previous map of mine. Another one of my favorites for something to be released the future, but edited a bit differently for 29403's competition.

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Simplicity of Aesthetics - 3/5
This map uses a few complex shape but it looks pretty cool. Loving the symmetrical mines here.

Simplicity of Gameplay - 10/10
Yet again, one concept. Not a particularly complicated level at all. Get the exit using this cool concept, slide down the slope, get to the exit.

Gameplay/Fun Factor - 9/15
The bounceblock beginning was a fun concept, but the level seemed too easy for my liking. Heck, I could get the extra gold between the mines at the top. But easy is fun right, and the first jump in this map is always fun. For a map with a concept like this, it needn't be overused, so all in all, a well done map.

Aesthetics - 8/10
Very stylish shapes, indeed, make the map look attractive. An almost perfect balance of simplicity and stylish shapes. Not too shabby.

TOTAL: 30/40 (4/5 on NUMA)

Nice miststalker, however you should have been able to beat me since you fbf brother.


f <3

Tied Eddy.

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... :(

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Haha thanks :P

Improved AGD

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Sub-300 AGD

There you go.
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Yeah I saw that secret gold hehe. Cool map, sub-300 possible :D
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