copernicus to geocentric

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Author mahi_mahi
Tags author:mahi_mahi mahi rahi rf-collab unrated
Created 2012-07-08
Last Modified 2012-07-08
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Description have a brand stinkin' new, in real life, fucking massive collab with RF [].

rf-mahi collabs also in his soon to be released pack. stay tuned bitches.

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i like this map
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goddamnit mahi

i did the mines and you did the drones. fix her up and relist
but the laser still sucks
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I came here

to post what spudz said, its timing is awful and combined with the drones it smacks of overkill

otherwise, not bad, but that's a big otherwise

That laser drone should not exist. Other then that this map is amazing and the mine jumper section was flawless.

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The gold paths especially.

semi fast post favourited