f is for frustration. it is also for flight.

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Created 2012-07-09
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Description and fish.

/ give me a title for my next map. thanks!

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come back!


Simplicity of Aesthetics: 3/5
The map doesn't look simple at all, but it doesn't hurt the gameplay much. The objects are neatly placed, making this map look interesting.

Simplicity of Gameplay: 8/10
The concept of getting the door switches is quite a decently fun, but hard one. (It is made a bit more complex on the right hand side with the rocket.)

Gameplay: 10/15
The map could get quite frustrating at times, especially the side with the rocket. Rockets and bounceblocks give me nightmares of my least favorite level in the entire original game (74-4: zenith). The rest of the map was 10.pretty fun, though not too exciting.

Aesthetics: 9/10
This map looks neat. Everything is tidily placed, and the aesthetics here give the map a bit of atmosphere. I like it.

TOTAL: 30/40

ten years



f <3

dat rocket dodge
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