A memory in the silent winter night

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Author oakstream
Tags action author:oakstream f playable unrated
Created 2012-07-10
Last Modified 2012-07-10
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description there might be some double objects, because my mouse is recently double clicking all the time, hope it will not bother you too much.

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Simplicity of Aesthetics: 4/5
Yeah. Nothing complicated here, two squiggly mine lines and nothing but E tiles... (or could they be 5 tiles side by side? the world will never know...)

Simplicity of Gameplay: 8/10
This is quite easy and I liked it. There's the optional gold and all you really have to do is just manouver around the thwumps and the E tile snake.

Gameplay: 12/15
The enemies here are a very good choice. The thwumps and the gausses work well together to make this quite challenge if you want to get all the gold. Getting an AGD here would be a very good challenge (but I'll never do it since I'm shockingly bad at N XD)

Aesthetics: 6/10
Not bad. I feel that the mine lines weren't perfectly curvy and a little scruffy, but it's always a challenge to make those.

TOTAL: 30/40
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f <3

Well first off,

because of where the mines are placed on the top, the gauss makes this map excellingly difficult. I feel as though you're trying to restrict the movement to one in specific, but I can't exactly comment on that. Anyways, remove the two mines to the right of the bounceblock, they halt movement and are annoying in general. Same goes for the bottom. And the bounceblock-gold combo to the right of the gauss on the right side is also irking me. I realize what you're going for is a symmetrical map, but sometimes you just have to ruin that to make the map not thoroughly annoying to play every time around.

I dunno. Just what I thought.