Up, Up And Away

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Author da_guru
Tags 43 author:da_guru blurredblue kudcidi playable rated upupandaway
Created 2012-07-11
Last Modified 2012-07-11
by 7 people.
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Description Last bb upload. Hope you enjoy this. (my descriptions are so uncreative lately)

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Brilliant tiles and gold placement.
Not a huge fan of the rocket, but that's just my opinion.

Awesome map

just awesome. 5aved.

Thanks :D

I sometimes make races, I just don't even finish them. You know, I leave them as scraps.


it's cheatable
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Awesome, 5.
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:) cool map
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Those tiles, man...

Those tiles <3


good map. Getting all the gold at the bottom can be a pain, but this is fun nonetheless.
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I really like these kind of maps, perhaps it's because i lack the creativity to make them, who knows
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