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Author kyozo_43
Tags annoying author:kyozo_43 boolean bounceblocks ladders random unrated
Created 2012-07-13
Last Modified 2012-07-13
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description random.nextBoolean() ? 1 : -1) * random.nextInt(strikeRadius), (random.nextBoolean() ? 1 : -1) * random.nextInt(strikeRadius), (random.nextBoolean() ? 1 : -1) * random.nextInt(strikeRadius)

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Good map

Very funny map but I haven´t demo in that map because something went wrong when I played it through... Score: 196.250

Not really ...

I just ctrl+f'd it ... I already remembered the start "line.split"
Also sub700 completion.
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You went through our skype logs just to find that... What a life.

i did not enjoy this at all


I do find them quite helpful at times <3
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But unfortunately I agree. It looks nice though?
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Nice concept

annoying bounceblocks, though.
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Will get the reference.
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