Scar Ripped Sans It

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Author script
Tags action author:script collab scar-ripped-sans-it sunset unrated
Created 2012-07-14
Last Modified 2013-01-06
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Collab with Sunset. Tiles mostly by him, objects mostly by me. Turned out pretty simple so I submitted it to 29403's contest.

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Simplicity of Aesthetics: 2/5
Not really simple. Sunset! He already submitted a map for this contest and the not-so-simple looks did let him down a bit.

Simplicity of Gameplay: 8/10
The gameplay is pretty simple. There's the 29403esqueness, and getting to the exit? Just explore a bit!

Gameplay: 11/15
Aah, so the exit switch is hidden! And you have to explore the level. I kinda liked that. Both enemies were effective for what they're meant to do. It was quite enjoyable.

Aesthetics: 8/10
While far from very simple, the tiles, mostly by Sunset, are very nice. The gold has some nice shapes which I always like to see.

TOTAL: 29/40

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Hope you aren't too bummed, sorry if I seemed to ignore your work! I liked your edits, but I had a very specific feel I was going for, and your implementation didn't seem to fit. So I took your ideas (esp. adding flow to the top, and simplifying the beginning) and reworked them to match the rest of the map.


f <3

I saw, lol.

Kinda bummed you reversed my edits, though. :v