An eight

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Author Brttrx
Tags action author:brttrx featured kkstrong playable rated
Created 2012-07-16
Last Modified 2012-07-16
by 11 people.
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Description kkstrong collab.

that guy.

This map was featured on 2012-11-04

While I can't say I'm a fan of "anti-maps" (maps with no elements of fun or unity), there are maps out there that push the "looseness" of action concepts where it almost feels pointless. As insulting as this may sound to something like An eight, what I can also say about it is that it abides by no structure, cliche, or maxim that has ever ruled over mapmaking. Nevertheless, it is quite the entertaining map. This perhaps pragmatic originality is what Brttrx (and here, kkstrong) excels at more than perhaps anyone else. — Tommy_Wiseau

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are so frequent that i think we stop noticing. i know i do.

id like it to be cut down to a weekly thing. or maybe a smaller amount of designated reviewers, and letting others go to these reviewers with 1-3 maps theys like to see that week- and having them choose one to go with.

hate to say it, but the quality of these maps have been really off and usually dont spark any interest. i wish that would change. it would inspire a lot more work to see the greatest of greats.
that NUMA seems pretty active nowadays, but features still don't get a lot of comments. hm. maybe it's just me. :p

without FBF,

this is the best speedrun that I could achieve. Could still be improved. nice map by the way.
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Meanwhile I get to play this awesome map. Doesn't seem fair, but maybe we contextualize the value of a comment so it's about the same?

no maps

with unread comments.




He's cool, but I like brett more


Great stuff. 5aved!
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Spot on about Brett, but when you make sweeping statements don't you dare forget MaxRide


this map is ugly

800 agd O_o

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slow AGD

Loved it guys!!! 5
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Decent Speed

Getting the switch could've been faster but at least the ending was good.
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I was wondering

Where Meta was.
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"Where's Meta?" "Where is his demo?" "Why isn't he showin' up with them htcjs and whatnot?"

Wonder no more.
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Why would you have fun in a videogame!"

he was

not fun to work with.