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Author turtles
Tags alsoprettylookatthoseaesthetcis author:turtles playable reallythisissimple simple supersimple unrated
Created 2012-07-16
Last Modified 2012-07-16
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description For 29403's contest. I'm not sure what he considers simple, but I think this is simple enough. Simply.

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Awww bummer

Well I still like it. At least I passed?


Simplicity of Aesthetics: 5/5
Yes. This map got it.

Simplicity of Gameplay: 9/10
Avoid drones by getting into the 4-tile, rince, wash, repeat.

Gameplay: 6/15
The map was cramped and wasn't much fun. You needed almost pixel-perfect positioning to avoid the drones, and you had to do this like 5 times. Talk about frustrating...

Aesthetics: 5/10
It looks pretty nice. Nothing exciting but does the job.

TOTAL: 25/40


Fun concept ;)
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