hopeless sensitive kid [remake]

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Author Barabajagal
Tags author:barabajagal baraba barabajagal rated resurrected
Created 2012-07-18
Last Modified 2012-07-21
by 5 people.
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Description old map. expect an avalanche of them.

also, I've noticed that almost no one among the numa 'old guard' is still around. only seen one or two active users that have been around since I started participating in this community (8ish years ago), is there anyone else out there...?

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Here's an 'uncheated' AGD.
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That'll do it.

To anyone who wants to see my runs:



Both should be watched from the replay box in user levels.

haha, god damn it

I'm removing that corner altogether. if I was good at this game these things wouldn't be a problem.

Sorry to tell you

It's not quite there yet... but that corner jump is really difficult, and doing it in a way to get the correct distance and height even more so, so I don't have a demo to prove it yet.

sorry, meta

but I had to add the extra mine and make it uncheatable (as it were). anyone who wants to see his run, delete the top mine on the left.

I did it!

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but a lot of users even from that time period have left. It's down to just a few handful users nowadays.



baraba, a bare handful of the oldies are still around on IRC. Haven't see you on there in a while.

Please don't stop with the old maps.

06 or 07 for me

I like this map, although I didnt like the gold in the top left corner

Cool map

i like how the solution isn't immediately obvious, so it takes a little more thinking than most maps, but is not so hard to find to make it difficult or a 'puzzle'.

As for your question, I have only been around since about 2009, so I'm not really sure, but even a lot of the guys who were most active back then aren't really around much anymore, if at all. So I doubt there are that many from before then.


6 years for me.


Wow I've been around for 3 years. I thought I was an older user. Guess not. hmmm
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