unbeing the bareness of light

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Author Barabajagal
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Created 2012-07-18
Last Modified 2012-07-18
by 8 people.
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Description goddamit I love this map.
I have a feeling krusch would like it, not sure why.
perhaps it's the internal logic of it all. after making and playing countless maps, I've found the most interesting among them are those that force the ninja into situations where unusual choices must be made and prescience pays off. the trick is to get the sequence of it all to become a blur as the player intuitively makes her/his way through it.

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this map is really



Really cool map.


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unbearable lightness of being is a novel by milan kundera. a lot of my titles are stupid wordplay.

i just remembered that the unbarable lightness of being is a something

This is cool

a bit too hard for me, but fun.


This really is cool

I like the map a lot
I think not. in any case, not a speed run or an all gold run, just a "run".
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