Open Season

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Author Tacit
Tags author:tacit race rated
Created 2012-07-18
Last Modified 2012-07-18
by 5 people.
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Description This summer was boring. So boring that on last week found this almost forgotten game on my computer and made this map.

Sorry for a long leaving. Last year was really busy for me. I haven't spent any time on the computer, not to speak of N. And I must confess that I was missing NUMA.

P.S. Someone besides me worried about this f*cking Dronies? []

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You're back. <3

Nice race

Could use some polishing on some spots, but it's generally good.


you use THAT launchpad. Lol. I find routes in the most peculiar of ways. :p
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Demo Data

Really great race

Gave my reactions a good run for their money :D 5aved
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I love it

Once I got the intended route, this map got better and better. Maybe it's not perfect, but I'll give it a 4.5/5 for the fun I had.
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I like it

I was thinking about giving it a 5/5 but after playing it a few more times, I realized it does have some minor flaws here and there.

It's good to see such a high paced race again.


hope it's not too crappy
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