0058. Heterosexual Balls

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Tags 3x3 author:vodkalover unrated
Created 2012-07-19
Last Modified 2012-07-19
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The glitch works without jumping.




I made a test, and in this case, I think if you jump in the launchpad for the glitch to work, you crumble against the ceiling. At least for me. Demo below.

The ninja passes the oneway the instant after it hits the lp so it doesn't really matter.

This glitch was well known to me (as I show in one of my recent Vehemence 4 maps in the pastebin and demo included) but I meant specifically, in this case exactly if possible?, I mean that probably the ninja touch the ceiling before crossing the one-way and as the glitch does not work?

Yeah there is a glitch where you can't interact with any object the frame after you hit an lp, as shown here.


Is this possible without the bbs moha??


Would have prefered this one without the bbs. Would have been more challenging.
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You're so fast..!
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I didn't even know this glitch existed, so when I find out how it actually wokrs ill prob improve the time. Nice map.
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for the end.
nice challenge
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