Qi (氣)

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Author da_guru
Tags author:da_guru f no-cats playable qi race rated
Created 2012-07-19
Last Modified 2012-07-19
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description Fast paced race. Late map for 29403's contest [].
Edit: fixed launchpad.

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This small and conceptual race it's great!
You should have won.

Nice idea and stylish.

Weirdest race ever.


hey dude!!

You remember Chimp Mapping Competition?
The pack has been sorted and published. enjoy. You can find it here:
Just need to know you're still here.

hey, make a map :3

(and get on irc)


33 frames quicker

Demo Data
but it looks awesome with Meta's demo. :3


Impressive demo! Didn't know this was still possible.


im proud of it.
Demo Data

But seriously

AGD. Quite like the way this plays. I didn't even realize it was a race til I saw your demo on IRC.
Demo Data

Almost thought

I wasn't going to get it there. =S


That trap door? What a pain.
Demo Data

the jump for the trap door can be kinda annoying but other wise i liked it :D

Awesome map

Nice drone timings. I like how different this is from most races. 5aved


very cool map
has a very smart design.
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