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Tags 3x3 author:vodkalover unrated
Created 2012-07-22
Last Modified 2012-07-22
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Description There is no level in the history of N and NUMA in which he does not do what the holy fuck out of any map and the previous scores, if Eddy appears, the record is for him. KUDOS!!!

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Tied Eddy

Demo Data

I can spanish too!



This is so cool!
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Jaja gracias, acabo de leer tu último comentario (antes no me aparecía), gracias otra vez por la dedicatoria y las increíbles palabras que me has dedicado ;)

Improved AGD

Cheating now. I don't think there's much left with this route unless someone is able to do the inbetween bullet trick.
But im pretty bad at finding routes, so Ill check again tomorrow in case people found faster routes ;)
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veo tu demo,,

y en el silencio de la noche y de mi casa murmuro unas palabras yo solo en voz alta, como un loco, y digo.. "Joder, es muy bueno tío.." Pero no hay nadie a mi lado, en realidad no sé a quién se lo decía...

Oh that was without cheating, didn't think of cheating, Ill try tomorrow, its 6am and still ahve to go to bed ;)
I wasnt expecting this, those were really kind and awesome words for me, I don't think I deserve such praise, you were so good with me ^^ Thank a lot for this dedication, here's my AGD :)
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and so close death demo! Hope this is possible!!!
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cheated AGD
Demo Data

intended slow AGD
Demo Data


a well know glitch, on the top one-way too.
And the glitch works also to horizontal one-ways, you can find a whole map using this glitch in my early Vehemence 4 maps. ;)


Able to walk the wrong way through the one way at the bottom...


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