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Author 1211
Tags author:1211 collab lsudny lsudnycollab race unrated
Created 2012-07-24
Last Modified 2012-11-06
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Description Race collab with lsudny! Enjoy!

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Open races are tricky to pull off, but when they are done well, this is what they look like.


And Great map with awesome use of doors. 4.5^/5


I wanted to see what kind of race collabs you have done before this.

ps. Please see this shortcut!
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we really should do a collab. I can TTYL about what we can do.
When I left NUMA, I was feeling down because of some things going on in real life (you can tell by the quality of my maps) but after this hiatus I've been feeling much, much better.

How've you been?

This map and "this"

Are both races that are really really open. It reminds me when I first started making race maps. It's decent, but not great. I did like the floorguard


Good use of enemies mostly, except as spoon pointed out, that mine is silly.
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the only way i can do the left side is by not jumping..
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jesus fuck

stop stacking the doors at the same spot
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I like this, minus this part
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Flow demo

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