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Author zoasBE
Tags author:zoasbe hidden unrated
Created 2012-07-24
Last Modified 2012-07-24
Map Data

Description I will start a project right now and from here.
A project called FAR FROM FEHEMENCE.

I will take each and every one of the maps from this up in 1000. So up to 222004, I think.
And with all of them will do something special, which then will be part of a large pack of 1000 maps. Retiles, Reobjects, Remixes and Remakes or whatever.
When the package is built, will be published.
Yes. I will also do something with my own maps published between now and then.
Hope you like the idea, and thank you.

And I will grant episodic random position to each map at the time of creation. I will be posting on NUMA on each map its future position within the pack.

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nice map
Demo Data

That's a crazy idea, and I'm not sure how inclined people will be to play 1000 maps.

As for 38-4, the gauss is horrible, the top gold doesn't look great and the map just looks unfinished. :/
that's a crazy plan tho, good luck :D


im relaxed, but really confused, sorry
What a fucking great run Eddy, also, iban your demo doesn't work for me, and yes, Chrdrenk, it's coming soon too!

Slower AGD
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is that a riddle or are you mindfucking me ?


Fun map :D
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Particularly the fact that you dont need the locked door key.

Also, thanks for the feature. :)
Demo Data


FFF >>> 64-4 ?
It has large dose of HR