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Author Barabajagal
Tags author:barabajagal baraba barabajagal bonus featured rated resurrected
Created 2012-07-29
Last Modified 2012-07-29
by 12 people.
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This map was featured on 2014-06-14

Barabajagal: A household name in the NUMA community, Baraba has contributed much over the past ten years. An influence on many— myself included—he’s played a huge role in shaping the mapping community into what it is today. While this map might not have the grandiosity of I dream of uzis [] or pyramid, east face [], “lobby fresca” gives that warm episodic/alternative vibe that makes it a pleasure to play. Like many of Baraba’s maps, a high degree of finesse is required; especially if an AGD is in your sights. — ska

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It's too linear for my taste and doesn't have any interesting elements apart from the one-ways. The last floorguard was placed well though. 3/5

I mean that I had not featured it personally because I don't see nothing novel or remarkable, but ska liked it enough and I can easily see its finesse, as I said, is a pretty good and really well constructed map.
as perfectly ska pointed out with his review.

About the argument here, nobody really knows who brainbeam really is, so we can't actually know what and how much he contributed with the community, but still I can see his point. For the map, I actually felt it as nothing novel, but certainly is well made.
but overall a good map. 4

Its okay guys.

Stop arguing already.


Hes contributed a ton more to this community than you have, there's no need to be so unnecessarily rude about it.
I personally loved this map. Had a neat and fresh feel to it, like I'm playing N for the first time. Great review too really describes baraba well.


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kids these days smh

respect your fuckin elders


the fuck is brainbeam?


-camisade collective

Need I go on?
but still, "he’s played a huge role in shaping the mapping community into what it is today"

give me a break

good god

the level of baraba-fanboying is unreal here
Very excellent.
I always loved this kind of detailed and analytical reviews.
Like a book or a biographical or bibliographic file it were. Mappinggraphic, mappinggraphical?


fastest. gets better with more play.
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it gives them this wonderful sense of rhythm that i just don't usually see


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I really like this.

Very cool.


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Also agd

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