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Author mammaletto
Tags action author:mammaletto bounceblock circle gauss playable unrated
Created 2012-07-30
Last Modified 2012-07-30
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Description The propeller wake is complex - the helical vortices intertwine.

I am bored of revising for my propulsion and turbomachinery exam, and sick of getting annular and angular mixed up typing notes and the endless jargon in general. So here's my first attempt at a map in three and a half years. I paid a lot more attention to the way it looks than plays, which means it's the type of map I don't particularly like playing. The bounce blocks are ugly and clunky but I couldn't think of a better means of negotiating the rings.

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aesthetically. I would love to play this but I'm currently injuried :c. Also, how's it going mate.




Better route, better execution.
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Looks cool.

I'll play it tomorrow :)


pretty sloppy though
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ey cool!

really challenging for a cool all gold demo, but always I loved this kind of arcade-ish maps!! Really loved it!
I'm working on a good run. Glad to see you mapping again mamm!! Keep doing such cool maps like this ;)


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