8-bit Lag

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Author turtles
Tags author:turtles challenge featured golddelay hard playable puzzle rated
Created 2012-08-04
Last Modified 2012-08-04
by 17 people.
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Description This is one of my favorite maps I've ever made. I don't remember ever seeing anyone do something like this, and I love feeling like I've done something innovative with this game after the many years it's been out. I can't do a completion of this map; it's way too hard for me. However, there are plenty of people who post demos of my maps who are way better mappers than I am; I dedicate this to anyone who gets an agd.

Note: There is a hidden switch if you want to get to the door. It's hidden for aesthetics, but if you want to know where it is, just check editor mode.

I've playtested this thing for hours, so I'm as close to certain as I can be that it is possible, but if you have qualms with a particular part, let me know.

This map was featured on 2012-10-05

As I arrived at the carnival with my family, I noticed an ever-so-slight tension in the air; not anything like a fight about to happen, rather people squandering to get somewhere. I wasn't sure what I was expecting, but I saw, in the distance, a group of people with microphones and large television cameras. They were interviewing random people for their station. Then, they approached me. With my heart pounding, and them questioning me with questions I had no idea how to answer, I could say the only thing that came to mind...

"I like turtles." — Sunset

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I watched the AGD and it made me happy.
Great map and very enjoyable.
They're not made for enjoyment


is a fantastic map.



Not a fan

It's a neat concept, but it requires too many precise movements to be all that fun.

wait wat

Terrible feature

This is proof how much the feature system has gone down the drain.


awesome map :D
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i want to see a completion for this..

good ol' turtles killed me again!
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good job on this one.

This map is beastly

The originality is so fucking astounding. This is more like a maze to me tho. I try to do this as fast as possible to save up the gold for the launchpads, but I guess part of the puzzle is to save the gold isn''t it?


turtles go!


Farthest I've gotten so far was the top-rightmost switch. I'll try for a completion tomorrow.
Should make it easier.
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Happiness for everyone!


This is probably one of the best puzzle maps I've ever played. Or if not the best then one that I have had the most fun playing. The concept is terrific. I do however have a couple of problems with it.

One is that it is absurdly difficult. This is not necessarily a bad thing in itself. For example, I liked the fact that the first few routes I tried turned out to be dead ends, and I then had to think long and hard about a route that would work. I also liked quite a few of the jumps required. There were a couple of jumps, however, that required so much precision that they basically required perfection. The best example of this is the first jump where you have to get the switch just as the last of the gold disappears from the launchpad you're on. This is really hard to do and requires a lot of precision. It is even worse in this case because it is the first jump, so if you can't do it then you can't really do anything else either. Some might like to be so stringently tested, but I just found this frustrating.

So overall I loved, but there were a couple of things about it that just annoyed me.

Thanks guys

Means a lot <3
Excellent map. Very fun to get used to.

Very interesting. Frustrating to play multiple times, but definitely the best map I've ever seen you make. 5aved.
... but it is very, very unique. New concept, who knew! 5/5

Pretty far

I wouldn't have been able to finish even if I had gotten that jump right because I was too slow for one of the gold delays, but this is a good picture of how this map is supposed to be played.
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