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Author 1211
Tags action author:1211 tileset unrated
Created 2012-08-05
Last Modified 2012-08-05
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Description Usable tileset. Just credit me if used. Enjoy!

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Another very awesome map. Faved!
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Love the tiles

Won't use them, but may steal some bits
I will leave it at this :)
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I think this was a collab that never ended.
Now I remember perfectly that I add the left bottom structure, the oneways, and touch the large structure on the right, and some of the switches system.
You must credit me!!.. :P
can't put my finger on it. looks great, though!

Faster Speedrun

378. Slowed down a bit coming down.
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Demo Data
I can't do easily that cj or elevate enough to reach the above structure, without help from the 5-tile just a little below. My ninja has the ass so fat and heavy.
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389 now

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401 sr.

Turns out that this is faster. Neat!
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even more..

I remember even adding somthing to this one, like the closed door and his switch, or something, no?
and making here a cool speedrun that i've lost.. I'll try again..

i like the ascent