Fukkit Bukkit

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Author darestium
Tags api author:darestium bukkit hates medium-hard the unrated
Created 2012-08-07
Last Modified 2012-08-07
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description A rather skewed Bukkit logo/map, I originally made the map tile by tile, and had an exact replica of the Bukkit logo, but to make it playable, I mixed up the tile set. The title expresses my extreme dislike for the Bukkit API, making me rage countless times while attempting to do the most mundane things - kyozo_43 will understand...

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Nice runs guys

I was trying to do that.

Almost maxed, I think.
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Demo Data


Still a little bit of tweaking, but it's getting close to maxed.
Demo Data

Cool, thanks for the comments ;), I like your avatar eriku, My Neighbour Tutoro?

Speedrun / AGD

Aced it like a motherfucker.
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AGD. I don't like waiting for the drone over the left hand side. Maybe someone could find a better route?
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haphazard agd

Demo Data

Fun to drone-dodge

Once you figure out a perfect route :3
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