The Autumnal Complex

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Author Carrageenan
Tags author:carrageenan fun unrated
Created 2012-08-08
Last Modified 2012-08-08
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Map Data

Description I delisted this yesterday because I had the ninja in the wrong spot. Here is the fixed version!

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Slow AGD

Pretty fun.
Demo Data
...than a "discovered" cheat.
I had a plan for an object to be in a specific spot, but forget to re-edit after testing.
Really do not know what was on this map before, I have not seen the unedited version. It's the same delisted map? but I'm assuming it was some trick or something, because wizard often do very such demos. They are cool.

I tell you that the cheats on the maps are good and interesting, are often difficult to implement, and provide additional challenges for different and fast routes. Many players are looking for cheats on maps, or routes of this type, there are even players like Artic_Pony, to which only love to play and present demos in such maps. But my advice is you should not edit a cheateable map, and less when there has been a demo for on the map.
Seriously my friend, cheateabilty options in maps are really cool, don't worry about it and leave the cheat, I often seek to offer or even put some of these options or cheats on my maps on purpose when I map.
I hope you understand my advice. A greeting.

Wait a minute

That's not supposed to happen... let me fix that. ;)


good job!

Demo Data