He Went That Way!

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Author Carrageenan
Tags author:carrageenan highscore unrated
Created 2012-08-08
Last Modified 2012-08-08
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Description Just some quick map I put together.

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wow, pretty cool.

despite the first glance is not the best, you have used some nice ideas and timing here.

I love the bottom floorguard/mine/oneway part.. its rly cute.

all my demos suck, but its a agd ;p
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sub1000 AGD

Not really spectacular but I really loved the flow that you get in. That seems you know how to use the objects. Really cool map to compete and taking good personal scores. Keep mapping! 4
Still improvable run.
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First Try AGD

Really improvable, but I get a good one as a /real/ first try.. Improving it now.
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Why not Zoidberg?



Thanks lsudny!

Glad you enjoyed my 3rd map. @_@

Fun map :D

I liked the thwump mechanic (although it's nothing new, it's used in a fun way here). 4/5

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