127-3: Halfback Quarterback

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Author cucumber_boy
Tags action author:cucumber_boy featured kk no-enemies playable puzzle rated
Created 2012-08-09
Last Modified 2012-08-09
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description This map is a little strange for me. Not my usual style, but I like the components of this map quite a bit.

This map was featured on 2017-05-04

It's got 274 E tiles, 42 pieces of gold, 35 mines, 8 3S tiles, 7 3A tiles, 6 3W tiles, 6 exits, 2 5A tiles, 2 7S tiles, 2 7W tiles, 1 2A tile, 1 2S tile, 1 3Q tile, 1 4W tile, 1 6S tile, 1 6W tile, 1 key and 1 ninja. Though I've listed them in descending quantities, they all have equal qualities. For a map to be perfect, each individual component needs to be perfect on its own. — DaggaFork

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I like this

It feels like you go in the opposite direction of all the context clues. agd
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Oh look a map

While I'm definitely partial to more aesthetics-focused maps, this map certainly has it's charm.

How long

did it take you to count all the tiles and entities?


Demo Data


...yea i could definitely get a faster run that i got before but there is no way i can do those precise jumps you pulled to get as fast if not faster than yours...

...again props buddy that was sick!...



I think if you change the order you get the gold in you could probably get a decent run.


...see told ya...

...yet again meta makes me feel stupid for even trying...

...awesome demo meta that shit was crazy...

Here's mine

kk's (cucumber_boy) is at 1498f, 136.550s
Demo Data



...could be way faster considering meta exists and that i didnt do things in order for it to be fast but i still did it...
Demo Data
I guess I just suck. =(
Demo Data
And its done real slow.


...i know how to do everything its just i dont like having to do jumps off corners...its not something that can be done everytime you know...


Thanks for playing my maps!