Octcel Chase

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Author darestium
Tags author:darestium easy-medium fun quick simplistic slurpy unrated
Created 2012-08-11
Last Modified 2012-08-11
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Description A fun quick simplistic map.

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i like this map

those drones are placed well and so is the rocket 3.5/5

2nd or 3rd try

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fun to speedrun
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also, you cannot delete maps. you can just delist them so they don't appear on your map list. if somebody has the map number, they can access it, though.

hope I'm understandable :P
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An OK AGD. Better than under_rated, but still improvable. Mediocre Meta, you want a go?
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Oh hey, I beat it :)
Sub 700 speedrun. Nice mechanics. 4/5
This is medium-hard imo, need another person's opinion though.
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I accidentally realised I posted this map twice, just de-listed the original one (the confirm page was stuffing up on my end). Is there anyway I can permanently delete it?