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Author darestium
Tags author:darestium eflen lied n-art nart nyu unrated
Created 2012-08-16
Last Modified 2012-08-16
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Description My first 'N' art. Hope you like it.

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Mrygy05, dragonmoon are amazing artists
Good N-Artists:

~courtesy of Sunset []

I like this alot!

Great for you first N-Art! Only took you 2 hours as well. :P
BluePretzel, I told him about z-snapping because he didn't know about it, that will make him a better n-artist.
Good N-Artists:

~courtesy of Sunset~

make more

i miss good nartists

It's nice...

But try looking into some good n-artists, like iban, espada, and KNO3 (or whatever, forgot his name). You're good, just not to their amazing standard. I suppose that can be taken as an insult, so I apologize in advance.

This is probably...

on of the BEST n-arts I've seen in a while!!

The eye part looks pretty neat. The rest feels a bit meh, but that might just be me.


Missed that spot in the left hand corner, damn text :(