The Nightmare Within

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Author _destiny^-
Tags author:_destiny^- destiny featured nightmare playable race rated
Created 2012-08-20
Last Modified 2013-08-04
by 14 people.
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Description Race of the Year 2012

This map was featured on 2020-03-17

When I think back to my favorite race authors, _destiny^- always jumps to mind. I've heard from many people that they don't like races - for being too linear, for not being challenging, for being confusing - but I find races are beautiful. When crafted well, they create something like a puzzle, but one in which you know the outcome. Your job is to figure out the easiest way to get there. I recommend taking a number of tries at this before you decide to look at a demo. Half the fun is in the discovery of the route. — origami_alligator

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had a 916

but got rid of it when i saw the 8 year old 906.
then i watched it so i had to do it all over again.
fbf obviously
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Demo Data

Pretty good.

Addictive race. Just think it was a bit too janky in a few areas. There was also some gold placement issues (or lack thereof) that bugged me. I'll give this a solid 4 for replayability; it kind of reminded me of formica's races.


I'm sure sub 900 is possible.
I really like this race, clearly the best i've seen for a long time.
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Race map []

There are some thwump mechanics in here.
Also, I have a request. I have an unfinished race map lying in my PM box and I'm not sure how to continue. Could you possibly look at it and give me any suggestions, or continue it on yourself and we can call it a collab?

first try fbf

I'm thinking this race is an excellent summary of what an excellent race is.
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why haven't I seen this? D: happy birthday, man!
and happy birthday, bro! Mine is the 3'd of august. Sunset's is the 2nd. curse him and his children's children.

I'd post a demo...

but I can't play with the keyboard of my cousin. Whatever. I'll give this map a 5 of course.. :D


Didn't know you had b-day. Sorry! Happy (late) b-day though. <3

you're invited:

really fun

flow path! slightly clunky in areas, but I reckon a lot of it was really imaginative :) nice one
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As always. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday!

I'm afraid I can't make you another sweet party at your awesome pad map again D:

Unique as usual.


...gnarly race!...your older now too...good deal...6/5...
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i like the bit above the door the most. happy birthday :D
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Almost forgot.
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