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Author stickfight
Tags author:stickfight bitesized rated test
Created 2005-12-19
by 162 people.
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Description In this you will play Tic Tac Toe against a friend. One person will be blue (left), and the other person will be clear (right). To take your turn you go to the tic tac toe box on your side. Then you hit ONE switch. Then you go to the center and let the other player take a turn. If you get three in a row then you win, and a path to the exit (on your side) will open up. The switch that is outside of the Tic Tac Toe box is the middle switch. If you are confused then see my demo. I provided the gold in the beginning so you could play it in userlevels mode.


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See demo. Do you see any mistakes there?
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Did you know

that if you are playing against someone at tic-tack-toe and they never make a mistake and you never make a mistake, no-one can win? The only way to win is if someone makes a mistake, so there's no skill in it whatsoever.

However, great map. 5aved. Can't wait until an N chess level comes out! :O

c'est...... screwed.
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Demo Data
if u think a little, the only way not to win, is if the opponent puts in one of the squares next to the corner u started with, if he/she puts in the middle, just put in the opposite square, and hope that the opponent wont put in the square next to you. SEE DEMO
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nice job

that was sweet



That was brilliant.

Incredible work.



awesome, how can i see your demo date



kinda weird plus theres a few glitches
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Demo Data
very clever except for a few glitches, like anonymous's...i was gonna give it a 4 for that but i realized with no glitches it would be worth like a 6 so 5/5 from me...i recomend editing it a lil after watchin every1's glitch demos


This is an awesome map, I like it, and it didn't jack up on me (yet) so a 5/5 for you.


"Well I really enjoyed this......I always loved playing tic tac toe, but wanted a more drawn out, N-ish way to play! w00t!"

WOW... ideas are popping into my head (from your idea), BUT I don't have time right now...
...I always loved playing tic tac toe, but wanted a more drawn out, N-ish way to play! w00t!


Demo Data

Double Error

I made both sides open a path
Demo Data


Great map.
but I can't fix it now (I don't want to submit a new map and get rid of all the votes on this one)
The actual Tic Tac Toe gameplay is the same, just sometimes a path can open up even if it is a tie


I played this with my brother, he was blue and I was clear and it was a tie but on the side he could win....


It has a good idea but the computer i played it on was to laggy :( i look forward to playing it later.


I rated the 100th.
5/5 btw


color me impressed.


this is awsome


I remember when you first posted it, i didnt even bother trying. Seems to have become a success. I underestimated it.

all i can say is...

McFlippin sweet! youre a visionary. check out this demo. i played fair...ish and got two paths open on one side......but youve probably already seen this.
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lets see

i fined it and fived it and i whooped my mates at it

That is...


That is...



Very fun.
Demo Data

i cheated...

while my friend wasnt looking...
Demo Data


cool level. looks like it took a lot of planning. 4.5/5


so clever, awesome map.


the best idea with a map yet. amazing.


how you play it?


with the lockin'
Demo Data


5aved level... ever! 5/5


but i think theres an error =(
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