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It's simple and fun. 2 Player N! 5/5


cool, good work stickfight.



I cheated.. :)
Demo Data
...and now I find out that rated maps cannot be edited :(
(on the zap drone side the switch on the middle right opens 3 doors instead of 2 doors)

Oh yeah...

go into edit mode to see how complicated it is
I saw that after I put it on NUMA, and it was too much trouble to fix, and it doesn't actually affect the gameplay

I don't think thad would be up for now
and no one won, maybe you could make an effect where N died...


wow cool
That's so freakin' awsome!! 5/5

A glitch!!!!

on the left players box, if you get the mid-right square and the upper-right square, you can get to the door! the mid-right opens 2 doors.
when ther is a tie, no one wins (duh??).

Hey maxxi

I most certainly did not say this is lame.

See my posts a little further down for confirmation.

i agree with atob

on this one.this map is pretty lame. it's a cool concept,but its not fun and it takes not skill to play. i'm getting tired of people trying to adapt other games to N.


IMO: That's a pretty silly statement.

This is a unique and innovative map, there's no denying it. But it's not as fun as actually playing N in the way it was intended. There are far greater maps out there, both in style and gameplay value.

Ah well, opinions vary :)
Other maps are not nearly as good as this


wow this is the coolest use of objects since that binary adder thingamajig; 5/5 faved


Too :)


Nice map! tic tac toe in n-game, i would never have thought of that.


I find that if it tie one will also win.Now I will post that demo to you.Please fix that.
Demo Data

So, so

clever. Nicely done. If anyone were to do this idea, you would be the best to execute it. Lots of thinking went into this map. 4.5/5

I beat myself!!!!!


I had an idea to do a tic tac toe a while ago, but I couldn't work out how I would make it. Very good map.

I love this

This is awesome fun, however... A word of the wise... do not, I say NOT jump into the playing board, it stuffs you up so badly...
Demo Data

zap drones win!

wow 5/5
Demo Data


this is nice, puts a whole new interest in Tic Tac Toe
For now...
And mholzem... that wasn't the point

Fast :P

A really original map 5/5
Demo Data
Is this what you meant by the "V" tactic?
Demo Data


I think you posted the wrong demo

Very Fun...

I beat myself with the "V" tactic...

Demo Data


Demo Data


I second AKA's comment. Well done.


Really clever bit of map making there 5/5