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Author Losttortuga
Tags author:losttortuga moa-accepted rated
Created 2012-08-21
Last Modified 2012-08-21
by 9 people.
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hey you, this makes

me think of a squid ehm
in case you are interested in collabing



Love the look.
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i guess it's complete


Demo Data


i'm only free on weekends, though; would you mind starting something on pastebin?

oh right

the exit key. hahaha. But cool map, good gameplay, great tiles! :)
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fantastic map!

looks beautiful, too.


clearly wasn't trying.

Nice map.
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Yeah, I don't think anyone actually played this all the way through except Pheidi. There's not really a remotely feasible way to climb back up the left side. Pretty sure that was my main complaint with the original submission.

Anyway it's beautiful.


Stylish.. :3


I will never get tired of your tileset's or maps man. You make me happy every time you sub a map


And I'm also glad Pheidippides is still around
I've made a lot of attempts at lighthouse maps myself, but never as successful as this. My only quibble is climbing the thing -- the rocket and terrain are a tricky combination for an otherwise mellow map. Perhaps you should open up the other side of the beacon, like this []?

Faved all the same.