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Author apse
Tags author:apse edj kermesse playable unrated
Created 2012-08-23
Last Modified 2012-08-23
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description a two minute map intended as part of my v4 submission, which is still slowly progressing.
concluding map of the 10-map pack L'eventail de Jeanne [].

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This is just

really fun and simple
fuck!! Make another ones!!! ;)

i can't

my remaining maps are in a hard drive on the other side of the country and so i can't quite get to them just now.

*I have encouraged you..

hey apse,

I have encouraged me in many occasions you'll end V4, but ignored, you can not say that the thread died. Keep it up!


i just don't want to see another moa-style flop.
... Other than what I said needs to happen, that is.


there seemed to be a lot of nothing happening.
Well, it was active for the time it was needed to be active... That aside, I'm still waiting for people to finish submitting their maps before I release it.

Or, alternatively, just release it on September 1st if lfaber doesn't come back soon enough.