The Cretan Labyrinth

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Author flagmyidol
Tags author:flagmyidol jailbreak maze rated
Created 2012-08-25
Last Modified 2012-08-25
by 5 people.
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Description For jailbreak. I didn't like the linear "chased by drones through tunnels" aspect of the other entries, so I made mine a bit different.

Pretty hard, but you don't usually manage to escape on the first try, right?

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We'd love to have you on board. I just needed to get the green light from ChrisE before I officially said yes.
I posted it in the subform, but do I need certain privileges before I can pin it?

I picked United.
Newcastle United.

Fuck Coventry City.

don't worry

I'll still drop by from time to time


Once i figured out that the doors were counter productive this became simultaneously a lot more fun, but a lot less interesting. I guess the gameplay was just a bit insubstantial, especially without any gold or anything. Good work on making the rocket not a total annoyance though.


...faster completion...5/5 easily...and i had a non-cheated demo that was like 1344 or something but then i watched the other demos...arctic pony says his is completion but it isnt lol...
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Drones were there mainly for activity in that section. It was really stagnant without it, waiting for the chainguns to make their way up : /

Holy balls this is amazing. 5/5aved
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Cheers man.

The layout of this looks superb. I'll play it later...


no palces to hide.

Heh. That was the question I asked tonight on the subreddit after Lynn left during the third.


and yeah, i kinda realized that after i posted my demo, my bad.

hell of a few games is right. tonight's was awesome, they seem to have finally caught their stride, hopefully they can continue it through this huge road trip. the only question for me is whether or not to move Kelly back to the rotation and give Lynn a bit of rest, but Kelly has been good in the bullpen too. i just can't take another bad start by Lynn. guess we'll have to wait and see.

Cheatability wasn't really something I thought about. Difficulty is all in the rocket, not the doors.

Hell of a few games for us, by the way.


cheatable, but i kinda like it that way.
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