The Spheres of Longing

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Author Mericet
Tags author:mericet mericet unrated void
Created 2012-08-31
Last Modified 2012-08-31
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Map Data

Description by Inquisitor Gideon Ravenor.

I found this map in a text file! It's one of the ones I delisted, sadly. I gave it to an author for him to remix for a mappack he was doing several years ago, but he took so long completing it I decided to upload this version myself. I'm glad I found the text file again? I wish I could find all my other maps, too!

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Nice number to boot.

Tiles look alright, not great for gameplay...
Demo Data ??
Don't remember my stance on it.


I sincerely believe that you have a bad habit. I'm telling you as a friend, but you generally tend to judge the maps without much effort, it is generally true that your comment in almost all maps, but as I say, most of the time without effort, and without spending the time that each map deserves. You tend to put death demos at the first frames of the map, and you tend to give up or impossible or difficult a map when there's something you do not get or crosses to you.
I think it would be much better and more productive for you and others, that if you carefully choose the maps you want to play, and from there play, and play and play again that map to get a good run. That this is more productive and satisfying, the end of the day. I just hope you understand my words and the real sense of how I say. Take it from a partner who appreciates you. Greetings. ;)

Way two.
Demo Data
Way one.
Demo Data

I love the tileset

I literally can't get to the structure, though. a launchpad would be useful.