eighty nine tries and you still got the wrong answer

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Author runningninja
Tags author:runningninja checkthebackofthebookdumbass futurefeature hard unrated
Created 2012-09-07
Last Modified 2013-02-04
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Description stripes in style

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...well this isnt faster but i couldnt let you beat me by 800 frames lol now you have me by a little more than a hundred...
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Sub-1200 AGD

800 frames faster hehe ;)
Fun map :D
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...AGD could be improved a lot especially at the ending lol i stumbled a bunch...
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...speed run...

...YIN-very cool mine jumper!,lol good technical jumps,and a great tileset!...

...YANG-NOTHING! except that the diagonal tiles were kinda trippy lol...

...perfectly 5/5...
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Demo Data

agd 1/3

Demo Data

agd 2/3

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I was thinknig the same..

Wierd that he fbf the left gold, its easy.


middle gold is so hard wow


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i've done each portion individually (the left side with fbf) but not in one demo.
I want AGDs.