The Ravens Watcher

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Author darestium
Tags action agd author:darestium fun medium-hard playable rated
Created 2012-09-13
Last Modified 2012-09-13
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description This is a dedication to all the new people on numa like me - namely Red Ninja and Ors II. I'd just like to say I'm having a wonderful time here at, and thank you all for such a warm welcome!

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i like the space to navigate :D

hey man

where are you...well where ever you are remember to return to NUMA

where are you?



Here we go. I had fun. UC/FBF SR.
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Semi FBF Speedrun

I cheated hah.
But I'm still slower than 1211 ahaha
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Here we go. I had fun. 4/5
Demo Data

This one is cool!

Here's an speedrun for now. Improving it now!
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but I tell you honestly, I'm also glad you're enjoying this place, sometimes it's magnificent. I thought interacting more with you .. Thank you for those words! ;)

Bad jokes aside, it's awesome to see you new guys are enjoying your time here.

Completion of 137.300
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and a cool map

here we go

pretty improvable run, might try and do better later. still pretty fun map. damn those rockets were bitches!
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thanks dares

im glad your enjoying yourself here, thanks for the ded too. this map was pretty fun, ill post a demo once i finish it.

Welcome sir

have a nice stay

Here's my attempt

I stuffed up on the second bounce block - managed to get two switches. :/
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