53-2: Molecula

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Author zoasBE
Tags author:zoasbe featured rated uap
Created 2012-09-13
Last Modified 2012-09-13
by 21 people.
Map Data

Description Eighteenth Bean,
A Map from Astro Chimp []

This map was featured on 2015-04-24

At the bottom of a deep dark well, lies a deep dark cave. At the bottom of the deep dark cave, lies a deep dark passage. At the end of the deep dark passage, lies a mysteriously spherical room. At the bottom of the mysterious spherical room is a lone ninja, surrounded by dangerous foes and obstacles who will do anything to make sure he does not escape.

But at the top of the room, a glimmer of light shimmers. A beacon of hope. A mere glimpse of the world beyond. A world you had almost forgotton.

A golden bean. — _destiny^-

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21:50 zoas trance must comment on it
21:50 trance wait 3 years??
21:50 zoas yes, to have a featured map since my last
21:50 trance commented
21:50 zoas lol
21:50 zoas I saw it
21:51 trance brb

<zoas> I got a map featured!!!!
<zoas> :P
<zoas> you know?
<trance> a good one too!
<zoas> 3 years of wait!
<zoas> lol
<zoas> trance must comment on it :P

It was also a nice experience to play this map today almost three years later since its creation.

I was playing for more than 30 minutes to take off those 3 frames and no, I always got 502 frames or above, no less, is possible I think with this route or even new ones. Speedrun:
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Seriously, that was so unexpected. Thank you really much!

On a side note, it seems that destiny knew that 2010-04-24 I just donwnloaded N for the first time (reference: - one year map), and he wanted to conmemorate my 5 years anniversary! Most of you are much older, but 5 years to me is quite much. What a coincidence! Thank you again!
Great review though, nice to see you review something other than races. :P

Have a speedrun.
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What am I missing?

It's an alright map, but I don't see the big deal (no offense)

... Why

only 3/5?! This deserves at least a 5/5! Snipers?

oh thats a shame

oh well, i might try out for the playtesting, im hoping that something comes around that i can be a part of:)


Really fun map! I'll post a replay if I manage to finish it :)


Bean collected. Very fun map :D
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again back to the mines thing - the only thing that bothers me is the aesthetics. but it plays well, so it's fine :P


no demo for now. never thought that two gausses could be used so effectively. superzoascrossgaussbow :D Five-orites.


really challenging, but doesn't get annoying or boring after many plays. great job!
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I love to get that kind of comment from a great author like you! ;)
In every way.
ill have to play it later, now i sleep