Watchguard Defence

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Author Conen__TG_
Tags action author:conen__tg_ conen unrated
Created 2012-09-13
Last Modified 2012-09-13
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Description Nobody likes this map except for me... Oh well.

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Hey, nice to see you're still around!
I'm on EU, Desolation.
(which is not a lot)

i like Lawn Wake IV (Black) the most :) crazy song


truth be told i dont own an album or anythign just assorted songs ive found

actually leaff anr riobe got me into the flashbulb when they were still active here

nah no big deal man

i was just sayin hi :)

haha the mines

scared the hell out of me

i thought the two rocket section was really difficult but the rest of the map was great!

I'm glad. :D
Because they make that jump hard to pull off. There is a theme in this map and it's somewhat like a castle storming thing. I feel sorry for you waves of people who have all dismissed this map outright for the same stupid reason. Learn to appreciate maps for what they are.

Mines under bounceblocks?

Not cool.
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