53-4: Somewhere

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Author zoasBE
Tags author:zoasbe jailbreak rated uap
Created 2012-09-15
Last Modified 2012-09-15
by 16 people.
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Description Twentieth Bean,
Just Aidiera wanted me to do this.
Also, this it is my entry for NUMACON jailbreak. Enjoy!

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do you

ever go on IRC?

I dunno.

While I like that the rocket is delayed, it happens too many times. Make it a puzzle to find which rockets have the delay and which don't.


...i like this, like everyone else said its a cool concept...

...and i see that you like the ded 1211 made for me! also i noticed that you were going to make me one? please feel free to make me a map with a yin yang in it!...


Bean collected. Very interesting concept, fun map :D
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I see. Okay. I'll wait then :) have fun there
By the way, how's MOSS going? :)

hey zoas

im on the irc now


I forgot to say, that you just need to be a bit more agressive and try to go a bit faster, it's when the map works. Try to time all your moves ;) Even, at rocket in where you die at the second pass, it's one of the most simple things, he my not even see me throughout the fall, check out my demo. ;)

sub2000 SR

And this is the speedrun, in case anyone wants to take a look. ;)
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the underneath demo it's just the AGD or BCD (Bean Collected Demo), forgot to say.. :P

Now that somebody have noticed it I want to talk a bit about this.
To me is not that hard, suds, just wanted to make something challenging to a point. Was a great challenge get a good balance in depth of this concept, you know, it was difficult because the rockets were or so delayed barely functioning or not enough and they did just this impossible, achieve a good balance was a task. About the rockets delayed task, I have to say that was nice work with them. As I said before was a difficult task but I enjoyed it very much, perform all of them. And I learned things about the delay, I used to think this was only relation between the number of rockets and moments of 'vision and shoot time', but after working in depth on this map, and with plenty of rockets, I think some degree of arbitrariness, and the delay is also influenced by other objects 'active' or which is in the Ninja or he have just interact with them, as yet bounces moving. I enjoyed this. Above all, thank you very much guys for the comments, feedback and rates.

For me it's no lag, just a little R3D. This is because of the large number of objects, but as you can see it has almost, as I have been able to get a decent run. ;)
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yeah i like this

great use of rockets, my only problem with this is that it makes my N lag, apart from that 4/5
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really nice concept

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