To Aidiera

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Author Sunset
Tags action author:sunset featured unrated
Created 2012-09-18
Last Modified 2012-09-18
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Description I owe you a movie on Friday.

This map was featured on 2013-02-20

A movie date with Aidiera is a unique experience. First, you'll pick a movie. All the good ones aids has already seen, so you usually end up with some obscure-ass movie. You'll wait a few minutes for aids' crappy player to buffer, then sync the time and decide on the exact moment to start. And then you'll start. In the next hours, you'll make witty comments, type long hahaha's, and look up actors that only aids recognizes, so that you can act like you knew them in the first place. So join us in #drive-thru, I know I'll be there. — lfaber

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what a wonderful tileset, such a classic, high style

nice map

for many skill levels.
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I'd be down for some obscure ass-movies


loved the review. pretty decent map too.

Obscure-ass movie?

But aids hasn't seen Casino yet D:

funniest review in a good while. too bad about the sunset map. :D
Sound like a plan, guys?
Now to play the map []

thanks lfaber!

and lol, shipping

amazing, 5/5

lol faber gives it a 4 and then features it XD


This is the cutest thing ever. I ship aidset hardcore. Plus a little lfaber on the side. <3

PS, I haven't been in #drive-in in the loooongest time, but I'll be back soon.


bro sunset

can i get your permission to remix the shit outta this map because that circle and the tiles around it are sick


...faster AGD...
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The Internet is where movies were meant to be watched.
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...faster AGD...

...good stuff here...
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Well, thank you. I liked that part too.
Have fun at the movies, guys! :P

Anyway, the map was really cool, but the start was awkward. I LOVED the circle part on top, it was brilliant. Um, yeah.
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