Underground Adventure

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Author lfaber
Tags action adventure author:lfaber bl3wolf lfaberbest rated tight
Created 2012-09-18
Last Modified 2012-10-02
by 7 people.
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Description Map made off the tileset by Bl3Wolf. It's actually one of the best maps like this ive ever made.

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Wasn't a huge fan of having to double back though. Credit to bl3wolf for the nice tiles. 3


...faster AGD...
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Maby you

don´t need to be 1OSKAR90´s guide. I see him in real life almost every day becouse he is almost my neightbour. and... I hope I wrote this right.

cool map

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pretty cool map. I really liked the floorguard mechanics. 4 :D
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when sunset rages all over the comment section. I think I saw him doing a Quad post sometime before, lol.


with a link. :P


...sluggish speed run...
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...YIN-great tileset(credit wolf)but great use of tileset!,awesome atmosphere and cave feel,good gold paths for sure,gauss/rocket were very deadly in their positioning,and was hella fun to play...

...YANG-floor guards piss me off hahah...

...solid 5/5...
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Besides that, I dig the map.
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