Gone and back again!

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Author TheEverPresent
Tags action author:theeverpresent fun playable stuff tag unrated
Created 2012-09-21
Last Modified 2012-09-21
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Description Clearly I've lost my touch. At least there's a consistent theme behind this one.

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hey there :)

I agree with Sunset, but I liked it. 4
Demo Data

Demo Data


...sub 1000 AGD...

...this ninja likes it-its cool and frustrating at the same time,the tiles are cool, but there are a lot of unneeded one ways and the floor guard wont kill ya...

Demo Data

Heya back.

There was a lot of stuff I didn't like about this once I tried to finish it. I kept having to compromise stuff I did well because I didn't have the patience to fix it the right way :/


This isn't bad. I actually really like the idea behind this. Execution was meh, but it's certainly intriguing.