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Author mammaletto
Tags action author:mammaletto deadmau5 nart playable symmetrical unrated
Created 2012-09-23
Last Modified 2012-09-23
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Description Credit to Brttrx for the original tiles [] and ska for the slight improvement [] Their tiles were reversed to make this theme behind this.

I wanted to make a deadmau5 themed map cos I'm listening the hell out of his new album and the mau5 head seemed a useable tile idea. I checked to see if there were any others, saw theirs and thought I'd just invert them. a couple of alterations to make it more playable and ... WALLAH!

I'm a really lazy playtester so I may delete, edit and re-upload if I get any suggestions I like. Feel free to do your own. Also check out my other (moderately) recent map, Annular/Angular []

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the options before it let you reset the level or pressing "R" to watch the death demo.
is to hold Shift-r when watching the demo where the ninja dies. This will open up your internet browser, and there will be map data along with the death demo.


and now with a smile
but this is a pretty fantastic work.
It's challenging and there ia a whole room for highscoring tricks. It's a really well-made map.