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Author lfaber
Tags action aidiera author:lfaber collab featured unrated wierd
Created 2012-09-24
Last Modified 2012-09-24
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Map Data

Description First collarbz with Aidiera. Of course, the first thing that he told me about the map was that it was "wierd". But with some Aidiera magic, it became a good wierd.

This map was featured on 2015-05-19

When I first played this map, I didn’t like it. The chainguns were overpowering, the tileset looked weird and getting the gold was annoying.

And yet, something drew me in. I couldn’t stop playing it, and with every violent death the ninja suffered at my inept hands, this map grew on me.

What I thought overpowering became a great challenge, what first looked weird became unique and interesting, what initially annoyed me made me applaud lfaber’s and Aidiera’s creative gold placement.

Give this map a chance, and the only obscene thing will be the amount of fun you’re having. — lifdoff

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Sloppy seconds.

Pretty nifty. I like the gold and the oneway designs.
Demo Data
I've played a few maps like this, and it always boggles me how maps like this have an intrinsic "break-in" quality about them.
Really really good map you two.

oh sorry lfaber,

right now I just saw your message about IRC. Sorry about this. Next time, you better comment on the last map. Thank you. ;)

This one it's definitely so adventure-esque to me.. Great effort you both!! ;)
Hope you like it a little.


looks so adventuresque with some tricks on it!! I'll play like crazy.. ;)