A map for efaber

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Author lfaber
Tags author:lfaber easy efaber highscore rated
Created 2012-09-25
Last Modified 2012-09-25
by 12 people.
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Description a map for my brother. Please give him lots of shit the first couple weeks. XD

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who sniped my map?



...speed run...
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1st Try AGD :P

Pretty slow but it was 1st go. nice map, not a fan of precie jumps through mines, none of them are too hard but it still aint my thing.
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well sunset,

it IS a DED for my brother, I couldn't just make it suck, although that would be funny. I should do that next. Yes, I can see it now: "A DED for efaber", with 5 laser drones freeroaming and unreachable platforms oh my...
Very nice job with this.
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you're cute together. ^_^


...yes, youre right zoas, but i didnt say anything to contradict that fact- i just said that i wish my ded's were like this one :P also idk if you were talking to me when you said i love you but if you were then right back at you bro, no hard feelings on that ded you made me i had to treat OJ though because well, just read how everything happened and make your own judgements haha...

nah, I love you.. :P

lol Xerces!

The Ded's should be as the author wants them to be.



...a great map as a DED here! i wish the ded's i got were like this one :P, the mines and gold were aesthetically/hazardously placed, and its just a solid/fun map in general...

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