55-4: Billy and the Breakers

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Author zoasBE
Tags author:zoasbe rated uap
Created 2012-09-25
Last Modified 2012-09-25
by 28 people.
Map Data

Description Thirtieth Bean,
A not Easy Conceptual Map,
Also, a Chiptune-ish Tileset, feel free to use and abuse. ;)

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Fun map 5/5 antisnipe
Demo Data


watch closely..

I have a certain feeling that the rocket just speeds up to catch me up, thats ofcourse an illusion, but a very good one..

I love those beans.. I didnt know that you stack 5 on top and try to make it under 400 frames or soemthing to be worth it.. I read t somewhere.. thats awesome.

5aved. love this. I love seeker maps, its so fun to dodge them. however this map.. it was boring to get to the top every time I died.. The jumps to the top were boring, but getting killed by the seekers was an awesome feeling..

beans are awesome. but I prefer corn. uniCORN, get it right? ahahahah omg I'm so good at this. no? only me? okay. ;c

To do list:
Say how awesome beans are. done
Play the map. tick
Rate it. check
Post a funny/wierd demo. done
Say how awesome beans are. donee
Demo Data

that snipe


Those drones.

This was a nice twist on the average seeker drone map. Well done.

Forgot to say, Bean Collected. 30/30


Sub-900 possible. I agree, this map is really cool :D
Demo Data
Oh, almost forgot, count this as my run for The Bean.
Demo Data

Ok, actually,

I really like this map.
Normally I do not speak of my own maps, but this is an exceptional case that this has become one of the best I've done from my point of view. I really like a lot about this, its rhythm, its frantic gameplay sometimes, his puzzle touch to complete it and the concept itself. There are actually several ways to complete it, all my attempts and achievements here have been getting the help switch at top, but a very frantic and challenging way to complete the map is without that switch, without letting the seeker can escape upwards. Another thing I like is the timing, depending on the pace and speed that you carry, the seeker behave in one or another way, giving to the gameplay a very interesting point. Something like free will, and strength, and randomness. This is cool, and makes you play aggressively but attentive, prepared for anything, and highly reflective. You end up controlling the timing ...
Seriously, this has become one of my personal favorites, sorry the spam.

a fast death with a REALLY cool propulsion..
Demo Data

a death?
Demo Data

cool run cool dodges
Demo Data

obviously, a death
Demo Data

again saved, I don't know how.. ;)
Demo Data

Demo Data

again lucky lol bean
Demo Data

the bean with a lucky lol ending
Demo Data

the bean with some cool dodges
Demo Data

lol a last frame death
Demo Data

sub1000 SR

This is my speedrun route proving that this it's totally possible. The Bean it's also totally possible, but that's another war.. ;)
Demo Data

aw, fuck.
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