56-1: Weapons Up [Feat. lfaber]

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Author zoasBE
Tags author:zoasbe rated uap
Created 2012-09-27
Last Modified 2012-09-27
by 8 people.
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Description Thirty-Second Bean,
A cute collab with the great lfaber,
He did an awesome job here. Not minimal... :P

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Awesome! Cleaned and much faster end with the route that I suggested to you. ;)


Much faster. :)
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well, may be a sub200 it's a bit difficult... sub2000.. :P

so close!

Let me talk about a bit on this one, You've been certainly close to sub2000, and I think you can do it!!!. The start is downright really fast and clean until you got top, and there are still areas that you can clean and improve. I know it's difficult, because it is a tense and long map, but you can!!
I have an idea!, Not really sure, but I think you can still get some more frames with cleaning, and changing something in the end, what you think about running just to the right in the last part after the last fall and get the trap door just from the right making a wall jump in the right wall, instead of falling to the left and using the slope? What you think about? I think it coulb be faster like 30-40 frames.

Man, I really want to see a sub200 here! Pleeeease!! XD ;)

Not sub-2000...

...but faster than Eddy... for the moment. :P Nice map!
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I liked the segregated challenges, and I especially like the launchpad mechanic in the seeker/gauss room. Faved.

Wait, where's your signature!? The circle is empty D:

Sub-2000 possible.


Bean collected. Very fun map :D
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...twas fun and stuff my demo isnt speedy or anything just a casual run...

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I mean.

Just one level for the bean series.


We should collab an episode.

Fuck you all. Fuck all the fucking world. Goddamn the whole universe. ;_;

very cool map.
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nice map

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isnt it..

6th column? ; P
with lfaber.
Sweet. 5aved. XD

I mean 5th colum.

serie 56

56th colum?

I see you like map making. =)