Armitage Shanks

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Author lord_day
Tags armitage author:lord_day column conclusive featured rated shanks
Created 2012-09-27
Last Modified 2012-09-27
by 10 people.
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Description Another level from my pack, The Conclusive Column! []

This map was featured on 2013-08-17

Armitage Shanks is interesting because it feels laid back and easy; despite this, I'll admit I've died countless times going for an AGD. This is important because the atmosphere keeps it from becoming frustrating, making it extremely replayable. The drone paths are complex enough to ensure the drones pose as a consistently relevant threat, which is showcased by the relative timidity of the traditionally more active enemies, the gauss and rocket. Lastly, the tileset and gold placement make this one of the most visually appealing maps I have seen. — Pizzles

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Oh I get it

Bathroom equipment and furniture... wavy tileset... I see what you did there

Long story short

What Pheidippides said. Loved it!
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first try agd

eh, it felt a bit boring. Drones didn't do much for me, and though I appreciate the idea of the rocket I doubt people would go up anyways. In general, I think the enemies could have been chosen better. Tileset was alright.
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All golded

Fun Fun. The rocket was interesting.
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fucking good

i LOVE the tiles.

Slow all gold.

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Sloppy speedrun

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Sloppy speedrun

It kind of annoys me how people comment on when a certain map stays at the top, or is made by a certain author. It doesn't really pain to scroll down. Good map, though. I did like the zap drones in this one, and I loved how the rocket launcher functions.
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The thing I recall not liking about this when I played it was the single mine below all the top gold. My instinct is to get the bottom gold and then go back along the middle for the top gold before getting the switch, and that mine slowed me down a lot. I see why it's there but it didn't work for my route.

Certainly can't penalize the map for that. 5aved.
The rocket didn't do much and I didn't realize there was a gauss until I watched my replay. Tiles were kinda blacksony which was cool. 3.5v
but I loved the oldschool feel and the tiles. it was just everything alright.

my conclusion - 5.
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I liked this one.

Simple, stylish, and very episodic. Those tile shapes are way too cool for how simple they are, and the jumper elements keep the gameplay interesting.

A few parts tripped me up, though, as evidenced by my really crappy AGD. Still, I'm sure I could do better, so I'm not sure it's the map's fault.
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