Lotus (Killing In The Name Of)

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Author da_guru
Tags author:da_guru lotos metaphor playable rated
Created 2012-09-28
Last Modified 2012-09-28
by 5 people.
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Description Warning: politically critical!

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nice !
great tiles.

possibly. :3


Get on IRC.

sorry, man

I was busy D: come back!


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Sick tiles

absolutely awesome tiles.

...I love the gameplay except the bottom left. That part was boring and felt inelegant, including getting back up. The central section was more fun than I anticipated, if a bit simple. It worked, though. 3/5 overall. Nice map.
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Speed demo. Except probably not because there has to be a faster route.
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a little faster agd

the stem of the big flower is great. It really gives the map depth
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felt like a bee collecting pollen.
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holy crap, that took me, like, a few minutes to get. ._.

I really love the tileset. something about the gameplay was interesting, I liked the drones. :3
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